If you are trying to shoot Instagram reels and tiktok videos inside your room the you have to keep some points in your mind. Here are some points that helps you to make high quality tiktok and Instagram reels video

No.1 Don’t use your camera flash.

when are in your room and there is not sufficient light for your video you use your flash the video quality reduce and it look like much more noisy and the solution is use an external light source or go to the side where natural light available. Then shoot over there. There are some of best lights and equipment’s for creators. Just look at the list given below

Ring lights.

Small Led lights.

Flicker free lights.

No.2 Check Camera settings before shoot reels and tiktok videos.

It’s really matter the camera quality. Before shoot reels or tiktok videos, check the recording resolution once. If you are shoot in the Instagram or tiktok camera app there is nothing to worry about it. If you are using you phone camara then you have to change it to higher resolution of your mobile camera have.

No.3 Use tripod for your reels or tiktok videos.

By using a simple tripod your video look more stable and professional. If you not using the tripod then start using the tripod. This gadget is most to have if you are creating content like Instagram reels and tiktok or YouTube shorts.

Best creators tripod.

No.4 Focus on your content.

If your content have the impact on your followers or audience then this list is secondary things. First just focus on your content and then if you want quality then you have to invest on gadgets. Thank you 😊

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