Now days unique and engaging contact is really necessary for social media platforms audiance. Every content creator should know how to make engaging and entertaining content for their followers. If you want to become a social media influencer then you have to keep some point in your mind.

Tell a story.

Every time when you create a reels or tik tok video, try to tell a story in your short content. Because people are really hooked by a short story. Make it simple and clear to narrative that can your audiance can follow that story. Most of the popular creator’s use this formula for their content.

Use trending background music and hash tags.

Music and hash tags are really play big role for your next viral video. When you create a content on base on trending and viral music, there is chance to go viral. Always use hash tags that based on your story and content after that use trending hash tags for your video. If you are using wrong hash tags in your post the searcher can’t get the right video then he/she may scroll it then your post reach reduce. It’s really important to use right hash tags.

Be creative with your camera angles.

Camera angles paly measure roll for videos. Try to change your camera angle every 3 seconds, because every seconds new angels can make your audience more engaging towards your video. This is the most important thing you should try in your video.

Make it as short possible.

There is a big difference between long format video audiance and short format audiance short/ reels/tiktok. Short format audiance need more entertaining and engaging video with a limited time period like 5-15 seconds. Try to make your video in this seconds.

Use caption.

This is one of the most effective and engaging trick that used by various creators. Always try to used caption in your video.

Always use perfect equipment for your video.

Your video look goods well brighted.

Video quality

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